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Wilberforce Staffing Solution Inc. is a dream come true. Our business is all about efficiency and savings. Our business started because we identified a special need that was not being catered to in the staffing industry. Promises were made but not always kept, and temporary workers were not treated as important.

At Wilberforce Staffing solutions we believe that our employees and clients are 100% important. We are here to make a difference. We keep our promises and we improve your productivity whilst ensuring our employees are happy and always motivated. How are we able to do all this and succeed? Good question- we focus on each individual client need. we tailor our services to each client, and we have an assigned account manager to look after your needs. Your employees are also managed by the same account manager, so they understand each person, it fosters relationship building, trust and eliminates confusions or misrepresentations.

Respect – We respect our workers and value their opinions. We will never ask/force them to work in an environment they are uncomfortable. We appreciate our clients and we take pride in ensuring they are satisfied with our service at all times.

Our business model is designed to keep both clients and workers happy, we found that a worker who is appreciated and valued is 10 times more productive and stay with same company much longer than workers who feel unappreciated.

A satisfied client will remain loyal and often brings referral, with these in mind our goal is to build lasting friendships and a professional family that stays together.

WSS has been providing valuable services to businesses in the following discipline:

  • Production facilities
  • Warehousing
  • Fulfillment centers
  • Construction and distribution business.