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Wilberforcestaffing solutions

Through our database of qualified workers located in the GTA and neighboring cities we can supply staff for various positions and secure recruitment solution for our clients at very short notice. Our aim is always to partner with our clients to positively grow your business through qualified and valuable labor additions.

Quality Technicians

Warehouse workers

Machine operators

Janitor / Sanitation

Forklift Operators


Building and Construction Workers

People at work

General Labourers

Why us ?

We are open & honest with our clients & Workers

We offer reliable & Flexible Staffing

Our safety standards are extremely high - Workers are trained

Our Effective recruitment skills attract skilled and experience workers

We have highly skilled and professional staff to assist you 24/7

Highly competitive pricing to accommodate any budget

We provide transportation to our workers

Wilberforce Staffing Solutions Satisfaction Guarantee
Our services are already at very high standard, but if you are unhappy with our service, we will fix it if it even means that you do not pay. That’s our promise to you.

Wilberforce Staffing Solutions Attendance Guarantee.
In keeping with our goal to satisfy our clients and to build long lasting relationships, we know that employee attendance is of extreme importance, as an added service we have transportation available for those workers with transportation needs. We get them to work on time, every time.

Replacement Guarantee.
We will gladly find a replacement if you are unhappy with the employee provided or if they are absent -we will gladly send someone so your company will never be short staff because we fail to deliver.